Clear Resin Print Failure - Form 2

I just wanted to share a bad print.

This is my 2nd print on the form 2. I put an effort to try to print on the build plate. Unfortunately for me, the build plate was previously used and scuffed up pretty bad. The result was what is shown below. The print stuck on the platform and when I tried to pry it off, it broke into pieces. sadface Lesson learned.

That platform looks better than my average platform.

Next time try heating the print under warm water to soften the part a bit. It helps a lot getting the part off the platform.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll give that a go.

Use a cutter knife for easy peeling without damaging the platform.

Here is the redone and completed Door Pull for my Tool Box Cabinet.

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Printing directly on the build plate can be tough because it overcompresses the first layers to make sure it sticks to the build plate. I basically only do this for flexible/elastic and maybe durable and always print with a raft for the stiffer resins.

To get rid of scuffed marks, just use rough sandpaper to sand it smooth. Also you can adjust the height offset on the machine settings to tweak it and allow it to seperate easier if you need to.