I Started and Finished a 5hr print without a build platform

Yeah…so I did something really stupid. I was cleaning the build platform to put back in the form 2 and got distracted. Being the forgetful person I am, when i went back to the form 2 started to print an object. Then i left my office. I got a notification that my build was complete and when I went back to the printer i see that there is no build platform inside the Form 2 and of course it was still on the handle where I left it… So there was just basically a layer of cured gelly like resin on the tank but after taking those pieces out the resin looked the same.

Question time.

Can i still use the tank as is and keep the resin in there? ( i cleaned out all the chunks inside and I would like to salvage as much resin as i can.)
And did i mess up my Form 2 by completing a 5 hour print job without a build platform?

P.S. Formlabs, you guys display checks on the screen before pressing the print button. I know you guys would have never thought about it, but maybe add a check to see if the build platform is inside. or put on sensor on the build platform handle to make sure the user can only print with a build platform attached. I know i’m really stupid.

If you really did manage to peel off the failed print without damaging the tray liner, then you should be good to go with filtered resin. I’ve had similar catastrophes, but I’ll let the pros confirm or deny the advice. One thing for sure is to enjoy the obvious favor you have somehow found with the gods of PDMS!

There are two scenarios here. (1) The wiper did not remove any cured layers from the bottom so you have a single “pancake”, or (2) the wiper removed each layer so you have a tank full of “oatmeal”. The first scenario is much better—you can just use your scraper or tweezers to remove the pancake (taking care not to puncture the silicone layer) and you’re good to go. The second scenario is more annoying—you’ll need to filter your resin before printing again.

Thank you. Fortunately I am on the pancake side of this error. I appreciate your response.


I had a similar issue where I made the connections of the supports too small and it left a pancake. That peeled off OK.
But, there is still a chance for small pieces in the resin. I poured mine through a fine mesh paint filter and then poured it back into the resin tank. Been using it ever since on 6 runs with no issues at all.

Also, after getting the cured resin out of the tray you can use the scraper to move the resin around so you can see the bottom and check if it’s too cloudy.

Printing without the platform will do nothing to the printer itself, but with the wiper there is a risk that if the resin sticks to the bottom of the tray then the wiper can pop as it slides across it and that may splash resin out of the tray into the printer and make a mess.
As far as a sensor to check for the build platform, that’s something they’d have to add in a new printer, but I believe it does tell you to make sure the build platform is there along with the cartridge top being opened.

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" I believe it does tell you to make sure the build platform is there along with the cartridge top being opened."
It does, and I just had a brain fart. However, I was able to successfully complete a print with no issues. I’m glad i didn’t mess up my new printer only having it for less than a week.

The machine gives a nice warning of course and as the OP mentioned, we know we are at fault when this happens. However, you incorporated nice sensors in the tank and cartridge such that we can’t run without them. Seems like the last essential sensor is just missing for the platform. it is also very possible for the platform to be partially in and not locked in place, which could create a much bigger problem if it becomes loose during the print.

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