White Rigid Resin fused to built platform

I just started using the white rigid resin as was successful printing the same part about 3 times. On the 4th print on the same day I couldn’t get the part off of the build platform. I typically take a thin gauge scrapper and just gently apply force and the prints pops off with no problem. This print required my body weight to just barely break a few corners of the brim off. I almost needed a jack hammer break the rest of. It did damage to the build platform because I applied so much force.

Any ideas why this happened and how to prevent it. Thanks !

Next time try putting it in the freezer for a half hour and see if it comes off easier then, You could also try a can of compressed air held upside-down and spray the build platform around the edge of the part.


Rigid can be really difficult to remove from the build platform.

One thing that can greatly help is putting a very thin layer of another resin (like Durable or Standard Clear) down on the build platform and giving it a quick cure with a UV flashlight before starting your part build with Rigid.

My answer is to print the first layer in clear, then abort the print. I then use alcohol and clean the platform well so there is no trace of resin, except where the first layer is stuck. I then switch trays and resin to the rigid and print on the same platform. Of course I save two files of the print, one in clear, and another in rigid so each is identified in the printer.
The support base is exactly the same size in clear, as the one printed in rigid and after the print is finished, it pops off with no problem at all.

I just offset the z axis to +0.4mm and the parts pop right off. No heating, no cooling. Just 10min in the Form Wash.

I previously also had this issue and I had to use a chisel and a hammer to clean the platform, it took 2 hours and I still had some sanding to do after that to get is all off.

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Did you find this value by trial and error? My last 2 prints required a chisel and sandpaper. Huge time sink! I’m planning to try your method, but I’m inclined to sneak up on 0.4mm.

Yes. I would recommend you to increase slowly until things get better, as the LT tank’s optical surface if very fragile and does not like you poking at it to remove failed prints.