Hints on easy removal of prints from Build Platform FOrm 1+

I know there has been much discussion about how hard it is to remove prints from the Build Platform but I’ve found what seems to be a successful procedure.

  1. I never wipe the Build Platform with Alcohol. I only wipe it with a clean paper towel.

  2. I set the Base to 1.50 in the Support area.

  3. I found that using the metal spatula have the angle side down. Place the blade at this angle under the print and just bring the spatula down in a hinge motion as if you going to lay it flat on the Build Platform. The prints just snap off when I do this. No pushing, digging, etc. Basically no effort at all.

I actually cut away the supports from my models while they are still on the base, then i bust up the supports after. I am finally honing in the correct support settings for my parts, which is so far around .80 density and .40 support thickness. I can just run my fingers along the part and pretty much all the supports snap cleanly off the part, then i take my snips from the finishing kit and catch the corner of the support attached to the base and slowly pry up. You can feel it start to separate in places, and can visibly see it if using clear resin.

I usually cut the supports, not the connection points, just after washing in water and before hardening. I agree, the supports left attached to the print snap or fall off with little resistance.

There is a set routine to this and if followed on each print it seems to work. I use to try and cut the supports away before washing or after hardening, nope, wrong way to handle them.

Also purchased the 405nm Laser Pointer for fixing any issues. I have orange safety glasses on the way. I did a few repairs using regular sun glasses but it was hard to see the parts. Still, it worked and I was able to rebuild and shape some small missing feet on a 1:87 scale dumpster.

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