Difficulty removing prints from build platform

We have been having increasing difficulty lifting the finished prints from the build platform. Initially we would only have to get the edge of a beveled scraper under one of the support areas designed to allow for print removal, put a bit of pressure, and the print would come off fairly easily.

Lately it had gotten to the point where you had to “get a running start”. You had to start the scraper away from the support base and run it into the base, basically “chipping” the print off of the platform.

Well a couple of prints ago I was scrapping the platform prior to a print job just to make sure no cured resin was still present. I noticed that the scraping action was forming a black, rather sticky substance…?? So I got the “bright idea” to sand the aluminum. The coarsest we had on hand was 220 grit. I used that and the aluminum looked great. Nice, clean and smooth. I cleaned it with IPA and paper towels until no black residue was on the used towel.

Proceeded with the build. Came back to check on it a couple hours later and the print was not completely attached to the platform. I cancelled the print and assumed that I had the aluminum plate too smooth for the cured resin to stick. I then took the non-beveled scraper (the one supplied with the machine) and scraped the aluminum to restore some roughness to the platform.

The prints from that point on have stuck to the platform well…If you have read this far now you get the good part… The prints now come off the platform as they did in the past…no “chipping” with the scraper anymore.

So, my conclusion is that when the prints become difficult to remove, the aluminum should be lightly sanded and cleaned well. The next time I will try 100 grit paper and compare it to an unused build platform (we placed an order today), if need be I’ll step down to 80 grit. But, whichever the case, this seems to be an easy “fix” for increasingly difficult to remove prints.

Hope this helps anyone having similar problems.

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I sanded my build platform and have found that I’ve had to move the platform closer to the tank under the fine tuning settings even thought I didn’t take anything off the surface. But hey ho, just means I gotta make the bases a little thicker and have the platform closer.

The best bit of kit I’ve found for removing prints is a window paint scraper. Basically just a stanley blade on it’s side. It’s thin and sharp enough to get under the prints. Just make sure to buy a decent quality handle. I’ve already broken a plastic one.

I was having a hard time removing prints, then I tried a wood chisel and they have been coming off a lot easier for me.

I just started using a small flat headed screw driver after my blade holder broke. Much easier to remove prints now!

Sharpening some wooden sucker sticks to match the printed divots around the base and gently hammering them in a little at a time worked well for me, and felt a lot safer than pushing a knife toward my hand.