Prints being almost impossible to remove from platform

Anyone have any tips for removing prints that are basically glued to the platform? Lately my prints either pop right off or come off in a bunch pieces because I basically have to chisel them. I’ve sanded the platform but it’s not smooth by any stretch, Is there something in the print settings I’m not doing right? Does anyone know of anything to make getting prints that are stuck off easier? I’ve been using an xacto knife and even tried a flathead screwdriver. I also try not to leave them on the platform very long after they’ve finished printing.

Basically I’m using a wooden mallet and the supplied scraper at the moment. Not sure if they’ve changed the resin formula or the laser is being weird but, as you say, prints are welded to the base.

In the desperate times I use a razor blade holder (homedepot or any hardware store should have them)


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I’ve been using an Xacto knife…I may go pick one of these up it’s quite a bit wider than the blade I’m using. And yes, I know it doesn’t feel good when it hits your hands…it does make a nice clean cut though! :grin:

Mine is pretty random though. Some things just pop right off no problem!

I’ve found that the flush cutters are very good at getting parts off. Simply cut at the base and the compression force pops the part right off the build platform.

I use flush cutters as well, except when I am printing a part without supports right on the build platform, then I tend to use the razor blade holder Thomas mentioned above. As a side note, when a print fails and gets hardened resin stuck to the IPA layer I use a wide square very thin metal art spatula like the second from the bottom that you see here:

It slips under the remnant with virtually no friction and pulls it up with almost zero damage to the silicone.

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