Build Platform care

I’m getting extreme adhesion to the build platform.
I know most people are worried about parts no adhering, but the parts are tough to remove.

I use the putty knife that Formlabs shipped with the printer as well as utility blades.
This is particularly an issue with clear resin, which seems a bit more brittle.

I think it may be because the surface is getting slightly gouged.

I’m ordering new platforms, but may also try to polish the one I have.

Has anyone else had this issue? Any suggestions?

I don’t have much on the platform care, mine are pretty well scratched up now - but for making it easy to remove parts whatever state of the platform - I use this tool - farily cheap from amazon, and incredibly effective :

I imagine any “razor scraper” will help with tough to remove parts…

David, read my post here Difficulty removing prints from build platform
I think this will help you as I was experiencing the same problem as you…I don’t believe that one just needs a “better tool” as mine were becoming increasingly more difficult to remove too. It wasn’t a tool issue but an adhesion related issue.

Thanks. Good thread.

One tip that might or might not work for Form1 platforms…

Try heating up the platform and the part with hot tap water.
Then cool it with cold water.
Then try removing it.

If it’s still holding on, repeat, but don’t do it too many times as there’s a chance the print might crack.
I’ve had parts fall off a platform on their own on a few occasions when doing this, but that was on a perforated steel plate, not a Form1 platform, so i’m not sure how that will fare.