Injuring yourself on the build platform because of sticky builds!

I’ve just started using my Form1+. The prints adhere very very well to the build platform.

Long story short, they were stuck on so well, that I used a little too much force, slipped, and ended up cutting my knucke open on the edge of the platform.

  1. I now have two stitches :smile:
  2. Is it possible to sand the corners of the platform so they’re not so sharp they can cut you to the bone? (that should probably not be a feature)

Other than that, this printer is freaking awesome and I’m super happy I bought it!


Yeah, I feel your pain - I have a 2cm scar on the 1st joint of my thumb where I was forcefully removing a print from the base, gotta be careful!

Dont use the scraper formlabs gives you to remove the models. Get yourself a razor blade scraper. My models come off in 2 seconds no matter the size and no damage to the build platform.

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It definitely requires a razor blade to remove prints!
And yeah I’ve been a bloody mess from doing so a couple times,
and have one permanent scar from it so far.
I’d guess that’s why they send a scraper instead of razors.

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I prefer to stand it vertically and use two corners of the build platform and two corners of the finishing station to detach my models. I find it easier to control the force when i’m directing it down, and if it gets out of control the base of the station is pretty resilient.

this is the brand I use. Blue is the more flexible, good for small models. they also make a stiff red putty knife for bigger models.

I slide a screwdriver into the removal tab and twist a bit, then repeat for the other tabs. It works great, with zero risk of drawing blood. If the print is small sometimes PreForm refuses to give you a removal tab, for those I use an automotive size needle-nose pliers and give the base a twist. That pops it right off too without any danger.

Agree with Josh, as mentioned here too.

Just ditch the included scraper, it’s a extremely unwieldy and dangerous tool to be used for taking prints off the platform IMO.

I’m definitely going to do that.

Question: does formlabs keep an eye on these forums? Seems like it’d be a good idea to maybe chat with them about not including a death instrument in the kit…

The scraper works great for mixing the thick stuff off the bottom of the resin tank. I use it before every print.

I use an exacto knife with the chisel-point blade. A thin sharp blade is really the ticket for getting the workpiece loose. I stuck the knife side of my left index finger the other day (ouch followed by @$^@!). You need to be careful with whatever you use, I would suggest a clamp that would attach to the edge of a table, and use the same machined bar as the printer to securely lock down the platform while removing the work piece. Someones going to end up at the plastic surgeon for tendon and nerve repair thanks to this awkward step in the process (are you guys listening FormLabs?).

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I agree w/JoshK, the included scraper is good for “scraping” your resin tank between prints. For finished print removal we use a scraper that has a bevel ground on one side and it is also angled like the one shown in CourtlantGross’ post. Using that we can get the pointed end of the angle under one of the removal tabs. Once you get that started the beveled edge of the scraper easily wedges between the base of the print and the build platform and the prints pops right off.

Personally I would hesitate using a razor blade scraper as a slip would do more damage to the user than a beveled edge scraper…But whatever works for ya !