Better Tool/Technique to Release Prints from Build Platform

Prints on the Form1 are very well adhered to the build platform. I have not even attempted to use the scraper included in the finishing kit. The edge of the form1 scraper is 0.6mm which I feel is too thick. There is no way you are going to get that edge under a print. The little tool I have found to be very useful, looks like a stainless steel dentists tool and the edge of the tip is just 0.25mm. Rather than using brute force with the scraper to push the print off, I just leaver the tip of the tool under the print and it pops off. Another plus is that I don’t end up gouging the build platform.

what is it, and where does one get it?

I would like to know some details too if possible of this or any other device people are using to remove prints from the platform. The included scraper does a piss poor job of removing the print, so much so I am worried one day I will slip and slice my wrists with it.

Like I said I have not even tried the supplied scraper. I can’t find my exact tool but I can see one in this set What I like using this technique is that you are really using leverage. The prints literally jumps off the build platform.

Thanks Jesse, I have ordered a ‘wax carver’ set off Ebay with a number of options to see what works best, I reckon it will do the trick.

I use a paint scraper with a disposable razor. It works really well at getting under the print. You still want to work around it but at least I don’t feel like I’m going to break my part. Once I get it worked around the edges, I might switch to the plastic scraper but sometimes the part will pop off using the razor.


Thanks for the good tool suggestions. We’ve got an idea for this in the works, so keep a close eye out for new software updates.

Sounds like Preform could be getting some tapered/reinforced lift points to the build base to assist leverage?

Or even create leverage toe and heel feature?