Breaking my first few prints -- looking for suggestions besides dental tools, prayer

Just got my form 1. Have not been happy with removal process. Too much force required. Too much risk of jabbing hands with scraper. Did promised videos ever get made?


I tend to start prints at night and start to remove in the a.m. Is this a bad idea? Should I time prints so I can remove shortly after completed?

I’ve already reviewed…


Alan Wolf

I always reduce the touch point size by two notches, this makes a huge difference in removal!

Then I use Flush Cutters like these:

A dental Scaler and X-acto are handy for tight spots.

Then hand sanding or filing or I have some rotary tools ( with various attachments for finishing touches.

Oh and I think its easier if you wait until its already soaked in the alcohol and dried off completely.

Are you talking about breaking off supports?

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I’m talking about getting the basic print off of the print bed.

Oh, my bad. For that I use my homemade tool a locking needle nose pliers with a razor blade. It can be pushed down level with the surface and I work my way around the print kind of angling it under as I go around it. Then I push my scraper under the blade to finish popping it off. Have to be very carefull because it really messes you up when it slips out and stabs you!!!

With the new support bed there is a little bump up designed to make it easy to get the scraper under. Personally I have not found it any more difficult and maybe even a little easier than our FDM printers.