Request for suggestions on cleanup

First print with Form1 using default settings and placement;clear resin at .05mm .

Happy with the results but I would like some suggestions on supports.

I removed the little leavings from the  supports with personal hygiene tools; tweezers, nail clippers.

Sanding will be my last option.

What are people using? How about using custom support settings?

You’re right; for really delicate parts, snipping the supports is a good strategy to avoid breaking the model geometry. And to minimize sanding, it is best to snip as flush to the model as you can. Some people use small wire cutters, others prefer nail clippers. I think cuticle scissors (like these: ) are a good balance between the two tools. They are very sharp, spring open (much appreciated when using them on a lot of supports), and have a good angle to cut flush to the model.

I like your design!

Congrats to"its acyn" on your first print! I can’t think of anything better than the cuticle scissors  for trimming away the supports. I’d guess that snipping them off at the neck first and then cutting them off the support base would work best (I’ll let you know when I get my printer!). It might be nice to have a trimmer that shears a slice out of the support without displacing the support axially so that the part isn’t distorted as the supports are cut away. This is probably overkill and I’ll stop thinking about it when I have my printer in the shop!

By the way, when did you place your kickstarter order? The ever so patient crowd on the “How many have shipped” forum are dying for news of progress.

That’s a very cute print!

I’m using cutting pliers to first cut away the base from the supports, and then I trim the supports away from the part. I like the pliers because they require so little effort clip with and if you get the ‘flush’ type, you can clip very close the to the surface. If there are any bumps remaining from the supports, I sand them down. I like to use 320 grade sand paper for general sanding and 1500 grade paper for finishing–you can get extra high grade paper from any auto parts store like Autozone or Pepboys.

This is a little more work than just breaking the supports off off but I feel I can get cleaner results this way.


I usually use an exacto knife.  That can get very close to the surface.

Oh, yes, that too. Not sure why I neglected to mention my Xacto knife. :smiley: