Post print finishing help?

Anyone have recommendations for the best way to remove the little bumps left after the support structures are removed?  Seems like the rest of the part looks beautiful but this area doesn’t.  Trying to fix that.  Thanks.

For now what you can try is to orient the model in a way that the support structures are not on anything that has detail. That way you can sand them down later on. You can also try to decrease the density of the supports, and decrease the attach point thickness using the advanced settings.

Any recommendations on what materials and techniques to use when sanding down the bumps?

We are working on posting more articles related to part finishing, but we generally start sanding with 220 sandpaper, then move to 600 and finally finish with a polish from 1500. Anything lower then 220 tends to leave scratches.

Has anybody considered using a tumbler to sand and polish printed parts?  If it could do the job, I think it would be well worth the investment, but there doesn’t seem to be very much information out there on using tumblers to polish plastic.

First is prevention, you got to try to optimize your print’s position and the size of your supports, in one offs this hard to do.   Secondly get the right tools, go down to your fine scale model shop and get the following, model spur snips and various fine sanding tools.  Having the right sanding items like small fine files, sanding sticks and fine paper will help you remove the spur while leaving the surrounding material.  What you don’t want to do is just sand the whole area, you’ll want a precise attack on only the spur.  Sanding is just as much of an art as painting.