How to solve the problem that the resin adhesion is too strong to be peeled off from the build platform?

I just re-purchased a new build platform. I printed something with rigid resin. The resin was firmly stuck to the platform and could not be peeled off. You know, that kind of horrible ruggedness requires a lot of effort to peel off. I don’t even dare to print large sizes now.I think if I can put a layer of stickers on the platform to tear it off after it is done, is it feasible?

This is the build platform I just bought…

Increase Z offset, it’ a setting in the printer not in preform. It changes the height of the build platform and makes the first layers adhere a bit more or less.

We use a sharp wood chisel, about 10mm wide to detach the parts, it works much better than the supplied tool especially with engineering resins. First we poke under the raft/part with a 0 degree angle and without twisting the chisel, rotating it left and right to the the first mm or so under the part (not more)… Then either the raft starts to detach slooooowly so we continue pushing on until it pops off, and if it doesn’t move we just start again 10mm from where we last tried until is pops off. We use that method with Grey Pro parts that cover about 30% of the build platform with the first layers (printed directly on the BP) and have not had any broken parts.

You can also lightly sand the build paltform to remove/smooth the biggest marks on it.

Tuning the Z offset is normally a per printer / tank / BP basis but we use 3 BP on 2 priners with 5 different resins and have found on both printer a Z offset that works with all combinations of BPs and tanks we have in stock, so I guess its not THAT sensitive.

heat the base of the print and the aluminum of the plate with a blow heater to around 50deg C and it will peel off easy with a sharp spatula without cracking or damaging the resin

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