New white v4 resin leads to bad print quality!

its been a while since I had problems worth to discuss and to ask for solutions. Now I got the new V4 white resin and using it with my Form1+. Until now I printed regularly and every two month 80 parts for a customer without any problems. It took me a while to find the best positioning and support structures for perfect prints. The only change now is the new V4 Resin which leads to warps in osme areas due to thinner supports than I had with the V3 and earlier resins! I had a lot of problems with the form1+ printer in the past and I learned a lot so I know it must either have something to do with a weaker laser configuration for the newer V4 resin or the new pigment which also leads to a matte finish in the prints has bad effect on my new prints. I would like Formlabs to reply openly if the new recipe of the resin is designed with a weaker laser power. At the moiment I am printing the white resin with a setting for the black resin! I hope this helps but I think if formlabs did a mistake here you should fix it!

What are your thoughts?



well… maybe I was a bit quick! After some more prints I additionaly get failed prints and they get worse from print to print!
I have the bad feeling that my laser is dying. I will open a ticket because this problem is serious.

the following steps from the beginning:

  1. I got the new V4 resin
  2. updated to the new software
  3. results are bad details because some supporst were not printed completly - this led to warped areas!
  4. printed again but the same bad results + additonaly I noticed an incomplete print in the center and a missing model in the corner of the build platform.
  5. printed again and set it to black because I wanted to raise the laser power to see if the prints will be better.
  6. same bad warps and an even worse incomplete print in the center ( laser flare starting ? )
  7. Cleaning of the Main Mirror with Pec Pad + 99.9% IPA
  8. New Print but without success and same bad results!
  9. Went back to my previous Preform Version and printing again right now…

Were you able to see the upcoming resin re-formulation thread? Many of the new material versions, including White v3 -> White v4, use the same components and only differ in the supplier for one of the materials.

Thanks for detailing your steps prior to seeing printing issues and our support team will be be best suited to help out with this. Do you have a ticket open? If not, I’ll make sure a member of our team gets in touch.

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