New project: Frazetta's Death Dealer

A little over a month ago, I bought a model kit of the Death Dealer. This kit is a sculpt inspired by Frank Frazetta’s famous painting. The complete model with base and rider stands over 9" tall.

As I started building it, I though it would be cool to scan it so I can print it later at a different scale. For this purpose, I dusted off my EinScan 3D scanner, and started with the horse.

The horse is a little over 6" tall at the top of the neck, and 9.5" long, which posed a problem, as the scanner envelope is just under 8" in diameter and and about 5.5" in height. To add to the problem, the horse’s feet/hooves have 3/8" long posts designed to pin it into the display base, which I didn’t want to cut. Those posts not only add to the height, but also make the model a little wobbly on the turntable.

The solution was to use double face tape on the turntable surface to keep the model from moving. After a bunch of failed/aborted attempts, I finally figured out the best way of scanning this beast. Scan the body from the neck back, and then scan the head separately.

The body was scanned in 6 separate position due to the height, and the head took only 3 scans. The beauty of the EinScan software is that it does all the stitching automatically. The head was then “transplanted” to rest of the horse using MeshMixer.

The original scan was about 3 million triangles, but got it down to .25%, so it’s currently about 750K triangles, and about 35MB in size.

The image below, is of the reduced raw scan with the head attached. The only modification was the removal of the pegs at the bottom of the hooves.

Some detail needs enhancing/sharpening, and some areas need smoothing. Once that’s done, I’ll start scanning the rider and some of the accessories (shield, axe, sword bridle, etc).


Pretty much envy!

Not really related to what your doing. But I wish I would have known this was available as a model kit! Would have been awesome to build.

Here is a link:


Last night I scanned the rider. It required 5 scans to get most of the nooks and crannies, and it still requires some clean up, but it’s not bad as is, so I thought I’d share a couple of snapshots

Here is the horse and rider. There are still a few things that need to be added like the horse’s bridle and reins, as well as the rider’s sword and shield, but it’s about 80-85% complete.

What scanner did you use ?
I’m still looking for a good one.

This one ↑.

Best scanner under $5K, and right now there’s someone on eBay selling them for just over $900.

The ones for $900 are labelled Einscan 3D S while the 3-4k ones are Einscan Pro+

Which one did you use?

Einscan S

WOW what makes the Pro+ so special?

Such a HUGE price difference!

No idea, I never researched it, as the Einscan S works just fine for my needs

Almost there…

Quite cool!! Are you gonna share this? hehee :smiley:

Sorry, but I can’t, this is copyrighted material, and while it’s OK for my personal use, since I already own the model, I don’t want to get in trouble by sharing it.

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99% of the times they dont care about copyrights AS LONG AS YOU DONT MAKE MONEY OUT OF IT, of course :stuck_out_tongue: you can see ebay and etsy full of “fan made” disney stuff and im sure right now they have the biggest law office in the planet lol

Well done.

Even though the model still needs a couple more parts to be scanned, I thought I’d do a test print on a small scale. While the model was made in 4 separate parts, horse, rider, base & shield, for this test I put them together.

The Form 1+ print envelope will let me print the model at about 70% of the original size, but I think that a good size will be 50%, or roughly 1:20 scale.

For this miniature test, I scaled the model down to 30%, so it’s about 1:30 scale.

The model is solid (did not bother to hollow it out), and it’s about 34ml in volume. With the supports it’s about 48ml. The print came out near perfect, except for the shield. I keep forgetting the laws of scaling. While the shield is perfectly fine for the scale it was originally designed for, when reduced to 30%, it’s paper thin, near transparent, and the bottom of it ripped during print.

Here are a couple of photos with the support removed, but not yet cleaned, the one next to the original kit is to give a sense of the scale.


Thats the ApplyLabWorks resin right? :wink: Did you like the smell? hahaa

The ALW resin smell doesn’t bother me at all. the only time I can smell it is when I open up the printer cover. Once the print is done and washed in IPA, it really doesn’t smell at all, unless you really put it up against your nose.

The smell reminds me of some kind of detergent. It’s not objectionable at all, nothing compared to flexible from FormLabs, which was giving me headaches. ALW flexible smells too, just not as bad a FormLabs, but then again, I hardly ever use flexible anyway.