Recent Print Projects - Monsters and More!

I wanted to share some of the fun projects I’ve been working on the last several months. I’ve been honored to help several VERY talented sculptors and FX artists translate some of their full size creations into smaller versions via photogrammetry and 3D printing.

For some examples of the scanning/photogrammetry work please check out my website here:

Softspot by Chet Zar - 7.5" tall, printed in 3 parts on Form1+.

Immortan Joe by Russ Lukich - Head (2 parts), facemask and hose parts printed on Form1+. Base and Hair re-sculpted by Russ then mold and cast.

The Thing tribute by Danny Wagner - 5" mini printed on Form1+. Painted by Danny Wagner.

Oz Series Scarecrow by Don Lanning - Printed on Form1+ in two parts (head and hat). Painted by Don Lanning.

Gorilla by Don Lanning. Printed on Form1+

(original full-size sculpture on left)

Sculptures by Charlie Becker. Female figures, small cal, cigar and coin printed on Form1+. Large cat body printed in FDM.

More to coming soon in a follow up post! Thanks for looking.


What is there to say other than:


Fantastic work,! keep inspiring me with more!

Great Stuff!!! Congratulations!

Wow! Weird, but awesome :grin:

Muy impresionante!!! Great work!!

Cool sculptures Mitch!

Fantastic! Can i ask you which scanner you use and which software you use for photogrammetry?
Thank you!

Amazing work!

wonderful scans and well done prints.
Compliments! Your job is amazing.

so many cool prints !

Love seeing Chet’s work here!! Your scan and print is excellent!