Recent prints

Here is a test robot head I did to see what the prints look like painted.
It was printed at 50 microns.


Nice work @ManuelJesus.

Fantastic paint job!

Here is another print for a client printed at 1.25" high before we move onto sculpting the hair and finishing up. Cleaned using the alcohol and wet sanding with alcohol. Printed with black resin at 50 microns on the form 1.

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Thanks guys

Showed someone how to do digital sculpting, they listened to my advice. Printed at 50 Microns with the latest black resin that arrived Monday. 50 microns, stands 6.25" tall. Printed in two parts and keyed at the waist. This print should have failed due to the way the geo was made but it held up quite nice. Only the bottom half was made fully water tight.

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Bring me his head on a pike! the evil warlord barked…