KrikSix's Prints

came out well. couple of issues with the design my end, and a slight fissure (if that’s the word?) at the refill point, but still very happy for a first print.

10.6cm high, 0.05mm layer thickness

second print underway…

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wow, very nice. did you make the model?

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This is very cool…amazing work!

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Very cool. How much resin in milliliters is in the model?

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Hello all, sorry for the slow reply, haven’t been on here for a while… thanks for there comments!

yep my designs. I wanted to create something new for my first print, so it was kinda rushed, and I didn’t bother hollowing it out or anything… it used 290ml of grey resin, took about 10.5 hrs, and is about 11cm tall…

here’s the 2d render:

and the next design for print:

The prints came out well… well, there were errors, bits missing (parts of the mouth, hair and robe missing from the central piece, fingers missing from the human and robot hands), however these were all identified as design issues my end - as soon as they came out, I could see where the designs were wrong… I’m sure as the preform software evolves, it will be able to spot these human design errors (normals facing the wrong way, general funky geometry). Anyway, the more I design for print, the more I learn about how to model correctly…

no matter, make the missing bits to fix it:

experimenting with mirror reflections and light, and integrating the model with hand drawing and 2D print…

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and it ended up as this rather strange thing:

more questions than conclusions.

up next, modelling in negative space and playing with light, using clear resin…


Wow! Wonderful art - especially love your drawings. Great stuff!

a recent print

and the poster for my upcoming exhibition in the UK


some work from the exhibition…

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more at


I have a small event this Thursday 2nd April @ Z-Arts in Manchester. all are welcome. I’ll be doing some live 3D modelling alongside a Form 1 running a new print, and a showcase of the 3D modelling workshops I’ve run with adults and children, and an AV piece I’ve made with some musicians and choreographers using motion capture technology…

Facebook event:

Z-Arts listing

“building god”

latest piece. a character forming itself from buildings, commissioned for a Minecraft exhibition in the UK. largest piece yet, made from multiple interconnecting parts.





So awesome, thanks for sharing!


latest project.

for an upcoming group exhibition of digital sculptors I’ve put together

preview this Saturday 11th 2-4pm at Gallery Oldham, UK

the new piece was going really well but unfortunately I hit a wall with failing prints and alas it won’t be ready in time for the opening. nonetheless we are working on resolving the form1 issues and I’ll add the finished piece to the show as soon as it’s ready… anyway, plenty of other work to see. check #meshxuk for preview images and more information x

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