"Hafgufa, The Beginning" Project"

Sculpted in Zbrush. This will be printed on a Form2, molded and casted. Will be printing in the next couple of days. Happy New Year!


Nice work whats it for?

Awesome work! Share us some printed photos when you have them. The 3D sculpt has so much detail so I’m interested to see how much comes out from the print.

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I will be posting pics of the final product soon…Stay tuned.:grinning:

The printer has its software limitations = (file size, polygonal count and total points) after decimation, reprojection etc.

will you sell a stl of this?

What was the poly count and .form file size? I do agree there is a linit, but I’ve had single-part.form files well over 1 Gb…

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Poly count was over 1.5 million. It handles stl’s from solidworks fine (which I use at work and at home).
With Zbrush it’s a different story. You encounter too many issues that are combination of polycount, active points, actual file size (anything over 125mb) and surface quality. Objet and 3D Systems printers software only warn you that their are holes and bad edges (not water tight) but still allow you to print on the printer.

Interesting… 1.5-million really isn’t enormous. Good info to know that the source has an impact. All of my stuff comes form Solidworks and Creo.

Preform frequently wants to “repair” large files from them, and I have had equal success by accepting or ignoring the repair request (I wish there was an error dialogue with the “repair” function to identify the supposed fault).

One thing I have noticed, is that Preform, in every build for the past 18-months, is sensitive to opening a new file after processing others… meaning;

If you open and process file#1, then file#2, then try a “challenging part” for file#3, it will not open… but if you simply close Preform then open file#3… all is well. I don’t know if it’s a RAM resource problem, or what. Starting with a fresh session of Preform often solves the problem.


Thank you!

The product that I’m creating will be up for sale on Etsy but the model or stl will not.

I find you can decimate much farther than you expect and still keep detail with zbrush

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Done! Materialise Magics 22 and Zbrush! :slight_smile: Textures preserved!

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The texturing on this is great! Looking forward to seeing the prints and casts.

I’ve noticed the same thing…I’m always surprised how small the model can be at the end.

What an AMAZING piece…you never answered what it was for? Is it a bottle stopper? Statue? Amazing, amazing work!

I haven’t had problems with poly counts over 1.5 million…using ZBrush 4r8 (full version) on a MacBook Pro. I have had PreForm (or the printer?) tell me once it couldn’t upload and required me to remove existing print jobs in memory, but that’s the only issue I’ve had.

I find in ZBrush that I have the “repair” issue when I have multiple subtools that have not been re-Dynameshed, only collapsed into a single subtool (which can be split, so they’re not permanently joined…). I usually save my project or subtool, then do a final re-Dynamesh and have recently started to use the Decimation Master at 20%.

I was finding that if I didn’t do the final Dynamesh, I would get “holes” when I used the slicer…almost like anything that intersected had a void. I make my own supports, so I figured out that this was happening where the supports meet the model, which was leaving a little divot after the support was removed. (I’m primarily doing jewelry with ZBrush and my Formlabs printer).

Are all of you ZBrush users? Projection has remained a mystery to me…I don’t use it.

yes you can also use masks to hold detail where you need it, but to be honest the algorithm is very smart! The Ocyopus looks great! What is this project going to be?

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The ‘nose’ might need more support structure around the ‘tip’ of it, otherwise it will fall off the platform into the tank during printing.

The final model size was 250mb! The mesh was cleaned up well without errors and hollowed in materialise magics (netfabb is horroble with these types of meshes). I didnt think it was going to print. Keep in mind that I dont have the latest firmware and software update installed. I did have the update installed and it wouldnt let me print anything past 100mb (too sensitive).