High detail Beelzebub demon head test print

I have placed my order for a Form1 printer which wont arrive til August, I was wondering if anyone here is interested in doing a test print of a cool demon head model I made in Zbrush to see how well the Form1 printer can do.  I’ve done many 3D printing jobs in the past so I can set up a print ready STL file that’s hollowed out efficiently, the model has been decimated and the poly count is just below 1mil.  There’s a range of high frequency details on the model which would be ideal to test which level of detail the printer is capable of reproducing.

Anyone who already has the Form1 in hand who’s willing to do a test print and take some photos to share the results with the community, please kindly send me a reply and I will send you the STL file, preferably someone who has a decent camera instead of using the phone camera.

PS. If you’re a kickstarter backer and decide to sell your Form1, I’m interested.  I can compensate you well and you can make an instant profit while helping out a fellow 3D modeler, please send me a message if interested, thanks!

Stunning model Theokan,

I see the STL is hollowed which is a very nice test, especially as there is no inside supports options yet in preform.

I could give a try, let’s continue over mail: damien[dot]job[at]gmail.


Nice model Theokan!

Very impressive CAD skills

Subscribed and interested to see the results also.  Theokan. what is the typical wall thickness in the model??

@Theokan: I didn’t think it was possible this early in the game, but someone has posted on eBay…


Btw, nice model, since I know of the name by a different means, I seriously thought it was this Beelzebub:


@ Damien B.:  thanks for showing interest!  I’m currently out of town, will try to send you the file by end of week.

@Jory:   Thanks for your comment!  :slight_smile:

@Nigel Wagstaff:  I find that the wall thickness differs between models, and it also depends on the size you plan to print at.  For this particular model at 4.5", I set the thickness to 8 in Zbrush (default was at 4)

@alwayswill:  Oh, thanks for the heads up on Ebay!  yes, Beelzebub is originally a demon told in different religions, that name shows up in different media too like in games, anime, novels, etc…

That’s pretty damn sweet.  Let’s see how small someone can print it…

I’m surprised to see the Form1 on eBay hasn’t sold yet. ~$6000 might have been a little high. I bet it would have sold at $5000.

Anyone who would be interested in potentially bidding on that auction should also take note of the $140 shipping.