Anyone doing Form1+ Prints for hire?

I have a model that I would like to see printed on a Form1+. I’m seriously considering a purcahse of a Form1+ but I’m not really interested in a sample chess piece that FormLabs sends out … I really want to see a real world print of something I would make. Of course I’m more than happy to pay for this service.

If you are interested in printing a small, very detailed part of me please email me at my GameCraft Miniatures email address:


Allen Rockwell
GameCraft Miniatures

Hi Allen,

Id like to help you. I send you an e-mail earlier. You won’t regret the investing in this printer.

Thanks a lot for the emails guys. I’ve got two guys right now making my part for me and I think I’ll have one of them in my hands in just a few days. I’m really looking forward to seeing what this machine is capable of doing with a complex, tiny little model in the hands of a real user.

I know the company sends out sample pieces, I’m looking at one on my desk right now, but I’m way more interested in seeing what the machine does with really complex models and also checking the dimensional accuracy of the finished part. The little chess piece that FormLabs sent me looks great, but I know nothing about it’s dimensional accuracy and it really does not have any tiny details on it … the spiral thing in the middle is fairly detailed but I’m looking to do scale models of vehicles in 1/285th scale and I really need to know what the smallest detail I can reasonably expect to get will be. I think my sample model that these two guys are making for me will tell me exactly that.