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Drone / robot concept model

Hi guys,

Printing original content, and it feels good! Below is a robot toy that I’ve been working on, took about a week 9 - 5 if I were to do it in one sitting! The build was split into two and took approx 14 hrs to print at 0.05mm.

So far had lots of good results from this machine - having said that there were a few blemishes on a few parts of the model and they had to be sanded out. The white resin is nice to work with and I did get lots of very sharp edges.

My only concern, is that on the support side of the model, the details are very soft and rounded, formlabs suggest that it is due to the amount of support that is added and the flow rate of the resin around the models during printing.

Anyway, we plan on release these as multi part resin kits, and we used the form1 in our workflow to proof out form, scale, design before heading to a solidscape for printing of the masters.


@EdwardWard looks awesome man, do you have pics of each part painted?


Here is a gallery of the processes.!27930&authkey=!ADBTa6Zfrj8hkjM&ithint=folder%2C

They’re all high res, not sure if you can d/l them or not…

I had to sand away at the turret to get it smooth again after surface artifacts. I think there are also a couple of images of the legs that highlight the softer / blobby underside of the prints.

I’m still learning best practices at the moment, I know the bed was full of prints but what I am surprised about is how well certain orientations of components print compared to others - some have virtually no visible print lines where as others are the opposite and very prominent.

Very nice. breaking down a model to parts and properly modeling those parts really yields good results

This is extremely cool!