First test print

Hi guys,

This is my first test print of a crow head model im working on. printed with 0.025 layer depth and took 13.5 hours I used automatic supports. It came out great…most of the layers lines are only visible, you cant feel it. Im in love with this machine.

There are some scuff marks because my brilliant self wiped the model with a paper towel after the alcohol bath so it scratched bit. Alos can anyone tell me how to properly clean the build platform after a print?

Hi Colus,

That looks great!  Is it part of a larger project?  Just as an FYI, don’t be afraid to try prints like this at 50, or even 100, micron though.  The print time is much less and I usually find the print quality to be just as good in most cases!

As far as cleaning the build platform, usually all that is required is scraping off any of the cured resin from the bottom that may not have come off with your object.  After that, you should be good to go.  More details on this are here:


Thanks Martin,

I will definitely try the other micron settings. Yes, this head is part of a much bigger model im working on in the background…Ill post up any progress as it happens.



Really cool print! Thanks for sharing


Cool model how big it is ?

what software did you used ? It looks like you have some layer shifting error on it like me when I used Zbrush.

@ Thanks Craig!

@ julien

I used Maya to model the piece. Yes, there are some random lines thats showing up…so yeah it might be the same thing.


If you look at the layers individually by pressing the up arrow you should identify the weird one.

By scaling your model 0.001 the layer error will go away in that spot but will pop somewhere else.

It seems it s related to very tiny triangle that the Preform have difficulties to read since object with less polygons are fine.

Non manifolded poly will create those error too.

Hopefully the new software version will help to identify/ fix that problem  can’t wait to get home tonight to try it.

Brilliant, thanks for that and also I didnt know of the new version on PreForm!

@ Colus

Since you use Maya you may try that one, I found it last night and seems to work not too bad

A boolean tool ( you need to change in the node the action of the boolean and it duplicates the objects at the same spot)

Thank you Julien!