Some Form 1 prints of recent

I thought I would show some stuff I printed recently as I know we all like to look at more Form 1 prints :smile:

This head model was printed in two halves facing up to ensure minimal build lines. The halves were then assembled together and seam filled in.

This dog model is the biggest print I have done so far. It took the maximum build space. I ran out of grey resin so had to print in clear at 0.25

Obviousely the detail in the support area is lost so I tried my best to sculpt that back in. Dog took around 20 hours! :open_mouth:


What resolution did you print the Harrison Ford head?

Hey Zachary, I only ever print in 0.25 :wink:

Here is an image of the two halves of the head.

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Hello Edward,
compliments, really great results and models. It is Harrison Ford head?

That’s interesting, I haven’t done 25 microns yet though the next parts I want to try and see how it turns out.

Have you tried Black with 25 microns? Since it allows less light through it can possibly get sharper details.

Cheers guys, yes it is Indiana jones head :wink:

Zach I have never tried black resin. I have heard it is the best for details, though clear and grey seem to do a really good job too. I haven’t seen many prints from black resin that don’t have build lines. Peel lines are the biggest issue for me right now, the dog had some peel lines on some parts. I think I get them on larger prints nearer the hinge area.

This tiny buckle is one of my first prints. The detail is amazing (mobile pic doesn’t pick it up well) the form1 printed great first out the box. I have noticed the quality decreasing a little over the past year.

If you’ve noticed some quality changes it might be dust, or the age of the resin tank