First, well,, second print

I recently bought the Form2, would like to share some photos of a model that I did.

size was a little bit small, some of the features was not showing up. (below is a rendered image)

I probably should have cut it into chunks and print it bigger.
but still, comparing what I was using earlier, I’m really happy with the resolution.
now, just need to use it more :stuck_out_tongue:

happy modeling and happy printing~


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Very, Very, Very nice.

What print setting did you use?
It is very smooth.

Beautiful. Is this a model available for download?

thank you :smiley:
think was the medium 0.05mm thickness.
I’ll probably try finer next time

thank you.
it’s a personal project, I’m not sure if I wanna upload it anywhere yet

Love the details :+1:

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I understand.

Woah, nice job. Great results, how many parts is it?


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thank you.
it’s mostly 1 single piece, except the tongue of the snake as a separate small one.