Is the Form 2 suitable for printing 32mm game miniatures

Its tough to find images that are characters at that size,
What kind of details would be picked up printing at 25 microns?
Head or face detail?

How would one smooth or sand a figure of the size to cast a mold from it?

I ordered a Form 2 but Im still unsure if I made the right decision after looking at some other printers.
What I do feel good about is the user friendliness that the Form 2 seems to have.
But if I cant get miniature details than I wasted my money.

Thanks for any images or help :slight_smile:

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I think it’s my first post here, so hi everybody.

We use our Form 2 for prototyping H0 scale railway models. A chassis is about 3 mm high. It has rivets that are about 1 or 2 tenths of a millimeter. And they show up quite nicely in the printed model.

For best results, you will probably find yourself printing at 25 microns, and that is quite slow. Right now I have a model printing with an estimated completion time of a bit more than a day. However, printing something of 32 mm height plus supports at 25 microns takes only a few hours.

For finishing, I suggest you find a suitable scratch brush. I find the fiberglass kind most adequate. Like most abrasives, they range from coarse to fine. Mine is German built, and I got the impression that these tools are very often found in jewelers and model shops there. Here is an example:

If you post a sample of what you want to print in form or stl format, perhaps someone will sneak it into a job and post a few photos for you.

I am not sure if discussing other printers is allowed by the forum rules, but if it is, I wouldn’t mind. I do have other printer, but it is a RepRap and doesn’t by a long shot qualify for the same league. It does deliver what it was designed for quite nicely, though.

Good luck.

Thank you so much for your reply Alfredo.
Very much appreciated

I printed this. That’s a US Quarter next to it.

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thanks for that JoshK
wow that is small!
Impressive, I was just hoping someone had some small organic pieces for me to see.

Like this?

more like humans/humanoids

Made this on my Form 1.

And I Painted it.

thanks for posting this, its really nice!

I’ve been printing with the Form2 in Black resin at 25 microns and the quality and details are significantly better than the Form1+
The biggest concern is still that anywhere you have to put supports will be a problem if there are details there and downward facing surfaces can lose detail. But again, it does better than the Form1 and requires very little cleanup.

Any of the Formlabs printers should do fine for figures. I’ve used my Form One + for HO scale (1/87) and O scale figure (1/48) with fine results; 32mm ought to be right between those. Here’s early examples (with not great painting). These designs came from Thingiverse, often from the Great Fredini’s 3d scans of real people at NY Maker Faire.

Here’s another example of 1/87 figures:

Either is best if you can print in bulk; printing 25 figures doesn’t take much longer than printing one figure; most of the time gets spent on the peel/wipe work on each layer.

Note that real wargaming and fantasy miniatures are often sculpted for painting, with lots of exaggerated surface detail to make them easier to paint. Actual 3d scans of people have lots of fine texture, but lack the little hints (like an extra thick belt) to make things easy to paint.


I’ve printed some miniatures of about that scale on my Form 2 for a customer. Sorry, but I can’t share any pictures. I used primarily the Grey resin at 25 microns and while I believe it captured all of the details, the Black resin did visually show them better. I believe reflectivity and contrast were the major factors when making a visual comparison of the details.

The machine was capable of printing all sorts of very thin, undercut features that required supports and they came out great. I did break a few features while removing supports but they were maybe only 0.03" thick. These models were by no means designed to be printer friendly so if you keep the printing process in mind you should have excellent results.

I appreciate the reply, but Im a bit discouraged not actually seeing the results that Ive seen on other forums for other printers that do have the capability to print very detailed miniatures at that size.

is it possible to print miniatures without supports, just connected/printed directly onto a miniature base?

It would all depend upon what the part looks like. IF there are no areas that are generated in free air, then they will need to be supported. If you have an example or two, I am sure we can show you the best orientation to get the best prints. Someone may even be willing to print off a sample or two for you.

Like this:

I’d be willing to print a sample for you.

Thanks Jason maybe Ill get a mini on a base for you then.
Thank you for your offer

No problem.

Hey wisdonknight

Could you send me a sample to try as well
I would like to try someting els beside my work projects
For my work i print a lot of straigth pieces
So it would be fun to print something more allive :slight_smile: