New to printing and need advice for miniature printing

Hello all,

I am going to be printing gaming miniatures in 1/1800, 1/900, 1/700, 1/285, 1/100, 1/72, and 1/56 scales to begin with.

I would appreciate any helpful info as I start this new project. I am particularly interested in any info on making my model ready for 3D printing and printing the miniatures in multiple scales from a single .stl or .obj file.

Well to start with, you could make a single model and use the software features within preform to scale and make copies of that model.


absolutely follow the formlabs design guides for features. see below


Place all your supports on either 1) easy to sand/clean surfaces, or 2) on highly detailed surfaces where the little leftover dimples won’t matter.

If you are making items that fit together, a .005-.010" difference in material sizes will allow the two parts to press or slipfit together.

Anything else you can really find around the forums. Pay close attention to the material specific properties. I imagine you’ll be wanting to use either white or grey resin.


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Thanks for the info and the quick reply. Just skimming through the forum it looks like a pretty supportive community.

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Absolutely! No one here is very scary :wink: