28mm Miniatures some questions i don't think have been asked?

I am looking at ways of making original 28mm (games workshop scale) miniatures which I’m sure a lot of people have been looking into. I’ve had a model printed for me at 25 micron detail on a commercial machine. the detail is good enough although I’ve not seen a 28mm mini printed on the form1 with similar detail i would think its possible with the right resin.

Has anyone tried making a 2 part mold directly on the form 1 as this could get round support issues and it could make it more cost effective.

Im very interested in the form1 but as a small company its a expensive risk if it doesn’t work out.

I’ve just received my Form1+ for the express purpose of kit bashing and creating my own models and terrain. Soon my Tyranids will have unique poses and I’ll have the means to make forge world quality dioramas.

How did this work out? Im very eager too know if the form 3d printers is fitted for 28mm figurine printing. Please let me know and send some pictures if you have them!

Id like to know also, but apparently the answer might be no?

Interested as to why you’d think it isn’t?

I have seen some very impressive results from other enthusiasts with less precise machines, so why wouldn’t it? My interest is specifically jewellery; I’m upgrading from my current SLA printer to the Form2 - and I know mine can handle the detail.

I printed this on my old form1+ 28mm

I printed this on my form2 6mm.

wow is that a small guy!