Miniature Wargaming Figures

Hi everyone,
We just wanted to show off what we’re doing with our Form 2. We are using it to produce high quality miniatures for our new tabletop wargame. Thanks to the detail and versatility of SLA printing we can do things most competitors can’t.
Ok, enough sales pitch. Just check out our cool minis. The bases on these things are 30mm in the X&Z, so they are quite small.


i love that she is swinging a dead cat… those look great.
I wish wish wish I had the ability to design like this, and more over PAINT like this :slight_smile:

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Paint? For the crazy cat lady it’s a copper base coat. Then a wash with thinned Citadel Technical Nihilakh Oxide. Finish with a light dry brushing of brass. Took about half an hour. Super easy to do and it really shows off details.

very well done! what’s the diameter of the base?

What software was used to sculpt the figures?

Very cool. Are you printing at 25 microns?

I used a bunch of different software programs to design the figures. But I do the bulk of the sculpting and detailing in Zbrush. Its a kick butt program and I highly endorse it. However it can be a bit difficult to size thing for STL export in it.

The base has a 30mm diameter. For standard wargaming or tabletop fun.

Yes printing at 25 Microns. Is there any other way?

Very nice work. I’m getting into miniature printing too, although I’m into Warhammer. I printed all my models so far at 100nm, and didn’t find the need for 25nm.

Warhammer? Shakes fist in anger My arch enemy and biggest competition…
But I also really admire them.

wow, amazing. What is your resolution? 100um ,50um and 25um? I think you need tough resin, because my print using clear can be easily broken when drop or handle roughly.

We have switched to the tough resin for that very reason. Printed at 50 microns.
Sorry for the late reply, we’ve been getting ready to launch our first expansion module. And have still yet to master taking really good photos.
Shameless plug;
Will post more pictures when we can.

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Interesting concept to sell the SLA figurines. It will be really interesting to hear how these are accepted vs cast tin figures.