3D printed Warsnail Action Figure

This is one of my oldest characters but still one I like the most. The original 3D model was done in Softimage. However all the remodeling to turn it into an action figure was done in Modo. I made some slight design changes along the way. Mostly I uncluttered the armor on the house.
Obviously the articulation is limited due to the design. But you still get some nice poses out of the guy. I even went outside for the pictures since he fits so nicely into the environment.
All the weapons can be removed from the back and posed in his hands. Scale 3 3/4 inch. Printed on a Form 2 with durable resin. Painted by me.


Awesome job @Scheer !!! You definitely have some skills with painting such small figurines. Keep up the great work!!!


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I really like this! Thank you for sharing!

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So when you say 3.75" scale, you mean the same size as Star Wars action figures, right? Which would put this one at about 3" in height.

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Thank you. I painted wargaming miniatures when I was a teenager. That skill still comes in handful. :slight_smile:

Yes. His head comes up to about the shoulder of a regular 3 3-4 figure with legs.

Cool, he needs some shading and weathering though. For a creature that slithers around in the dirt, he’s awfully clean. :wink:

Yes I wanted this guy to look clean and shiny like a figure right out of the box. I can always print another one and give him a good ink wash.