Emperor Scorpion sculpt @ Ro-Man Studios (wip). Will be printing next week

Sculpted in Zbrush by Richard Lafarga.


Looks awesome…please post pics when finished!!!


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can I buy stl?

WOW! As a fellow ZBrusher, all I can say is WELL DONE!! Beautiful model…I can’t wait to see the printed version.

I stepped out of my shower the other day- and placed my foot directly on top of a scorpion.

Thankfully just one of the small ones we have hereabouts that are not dangerously toxic unless someone is allergic.

But JEEEZUZ did that HURT.

The worst pain I ever experienced for around half an hour…

Scorpion update… Here’s the final before printing this week. It will be up for sale at my Etsy store… The STL is not for sale. If interested please email me for contract work. The main section of the body is about 6.75".


Great job with this design! Looking forward to seeing it printed.

Here’s an update. I have had alot of success using the dentist model resin. It holds detail, accepts screw inserts and ease for making molds. I will post the other parts towards the end of the week


Update… These parts are quite large. I threw in the steelbook for size reference only. Next update will include assembly (screw inserts, allen screws and claws will have 2 points of articulation). :slight_smile:


Awesome…can’t wait to see the assembled little bugger!!!