First serious print - Dragon Zombie Skeleton

Hello everyone,

Thought i’d share a print I’ve just finished (and man was it a p̶a̶i̶n̶ ̶i̶n̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ fun process!)

I’ve done other prints (a simple dragon model I designed which was the first test of the form 1+, as well as other projects people have asked me to print) but nothing this complicated before. I didn’t really expect the printer to cope (and I did have to re-do some parts that failed) but it managed it in the end.

I created the original model in Maya and ZBrush:

I had to split it into parts to print and add fixings so they could be jointed together again afterwards. Some parts failed (mostly where skin and skeleton connected) and were re-done, but some (like his broken right top horn) were kept it as it was as it seemed to give him a bit of a ‘battle scarred’ look…

He was printed in black resin and originally in 0.05mm, but after some failed prints, I got a bit impatient and changed it to 0.1mm to speed up the time.

Once printed, the support ends were sanded, the pieces were stuck together (using the resin and laser pen method) and the whole model sprayed with a white primer. Full size is approx. 270mm x 160mm x 220mm.

I then painted it in acrylics.

My other half thinks it’s too scary though, so now I have to model something nice… we’ll see :wink:



Wow. Just, Wow. Fantastic photography and paint-job as well!

What’re the overall dimensions of the assembled piece?

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Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ve just added them in the post - but the approx. dims are L:270mm x D:160mm x H:220mm.

Beautiful work Annah. You must have spent a lot of time post print.

Great Job - love the paint detail.

Wonderful Annah, Amazing work you’ve done here! The photographs themselves are a work of art as well. Very nice way of capturing your model!

I’m loving this! Even though you printed it at .1 mm it seems to have great detail for the overall size of the model. Those teeth look like mighty fine pieces and your photos don’t get a close up of them, How well did they print? (mind you they look great from a distance).

Thanks guys :smile:

ShaneMans - I actually tried to print it mostly at 0.05mm - I think the head was one of these. The teeth came out remarkable well considering their size and the fact I might have knocked a couple out while wrangling with support removal! Here’s a closer pic (although I think the other side of his mouth has better teeth but I don’t have an image of that…):