2nd Print and first time I've tried to paint anything like this

This is my 2nd print and the first time I’ve ever tried to paint anything like this. The macro photos really show off my poor cleaning/finishing and paint job. It seems like it looks better in person than in these ultra close ups. I’m happy enough though I’ll probably try it again and see if I can get it a little cleaner.

It was based on this image I made years ago:

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Looks good what kind of paint did you use on it?

Thanks. I used acrylic paints for models from a local hobby shop. I talked to someone I work with who paints miniatures and that’s what he suggested. I just went with a random brand at a local hobby shop rather than the one he suggested. Mostly because the brand he said he used are a bit harder to find. I think the flat black was a slightly nicer brand as they didn’t have it in the cheaper version that I used for the other colors. It did seem to be a little nicer. Then again I don’t really know since this is the first thing I’ve painted. Also per his suggestion I did a few very light coats of primer, painted and finished off with a few light coats of a matte finish.

I’m printing a slightly modified version again right now that I am going to try and finish up a little nicer before painting. Also adjusted a few things to see if I could get a little nicer print as well.

I think it turned out great. The Imperfections give it a nice organic quality.

The acrylics look really cool on this part. It makes it look like ceramic (at least in these pictures).

We recommend Krylon fusion spray paint, if you want a spray paint that sticks well to the plastic and can go on in light spray coats to preserve detail. You might be able to paint over it as well after using spray paint as a base color.

Nice job!

Looks cool! – Boring3d !!  I used to look at your site all the time! I hope all is well. :wink:

Nice character! Are there more?

Brian, Thanks and all is well -:]

Benjamin, Thanks also. I do have a other characters some of which I plan on trying printing at some point.

awesome dude.