My first successful print

Had a print before the one showed but it was on a poorly rendered version, So here’s my first successful print and a couple videos of me talking about my printer.

My first print


Looks good! I’d love to see it painted so I can get an idea of teh surface finish. What layer resolution did you use?

Simple grey .05mm , I read someone said the grey setting was working better than the clear.  The support side is a mirror of the top but it turned out a little softer in detail, wondering if it was just my finishing job.

Looks great!

For those wonder scale it’s approximately 40x50x8mm . Some pics with a few McFarlane 5" Halo figures.

Made a quick time lapse.

Cool print and awesome video Kevin!


Wicked stuff Kevin, thanks for sharing !

Tanks Kevin. You are a nice guy! I got some important informations about Fomr1 through your helpful efforts!

Thanks I plan on making another time lapse video, this one was just a tad shorter than I had hoped but really works well to show people how my printer works.