My first print with the Form 3 -- Dodecahedron at 50 microns

Here is my first print. It turned-out well. The picture was taken after the structural elements were brutally torn-off. No sanding. No apparent stratifications due to the printing process. This print is at 50 micron, in default Grey.

I am happy with the outcome. I was in too much of a rush to take the supporting struts off, and I broke some of the struts that are part of the model, being too brutal. Did not have a sense for how brittle the grey resin is. On the plus side, now I know.

Google Drive image link.

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Very encouraging. Thanks for posting!

Looks really good. Nice to see more and more Form 3 stuff as people are starting to get their printers. Hopefully you enjoy the same level of continued success through use with the machine, best of luck.