4th print. I'm in love

I received my printer on Monday (2.17.14) and I intermediately started printing. My first print was tiny but I was very impressed with the detail even at the lowest resolution. I still have a lot to learn, but up to this point the the Form1 feels like a point-and-shoot camera; what you see is what you get .

I just love it. even with a model with an unhealthy amount of polygons, PreForm handles it without issues, and then after a couple clicks (and about 8 hours) you have in your hands exactly what you saw on the screen.

It was worth the wait.

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Very nice! I can’t wait to get mine. What were your settings? Did you do any cleanup?

The settings were on Clear(.05mm) and the piece is a hollow 41.2mL  and 12.3cm Tall. And other than patiently removing the supports with an exacto knife, I did not do any clean up. I do wanna get something like Xuron 410 cutter and some very fine sand paper to finish future prints.

Very nice model and print. Love seeing what talented people can do when they get their hands on a Form1!

Awesome model! And yes flush cutters work way better than exactos, I use some little dremmels with various attachments also. But yeah man that is cool!

Those models are awesome! really great detail, and the model appears from the pictures to be quite small too.  It’s always exciting to see what our users can come up with.