New Prints!

So, I’ve had my printer about a week now, and have been running it nearly non-stop (it got a break on sunday while I was out).

Not too keen on this forum software since it forces images the posts to be in RTF and doesn’t allow for us to link out to images vs making them attachments. Granted, making them links will take a lot of ‘stress’ off of the formlabs servers once more and more users start putting images here… then again, what do I know. ^.~

Anyway. Been chomping at the bit to post these up, but didn’t want to post up too much of an incomplete model. This ‘bad boy’ has nearly 30 parts to his cute little self and stands about 17inches tall. He will end up being sent off to a casting company to be made with an opaque colored resin, that way he’ll look a little more like the larger doll (24inches tall) next to him in one of these shots. Interestingly enough, that larger doll also started it’s existence as a 3D model. Woot!!!

Please enjoy my boy. ^____^

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These are wonderful, Catherine. Wow. Yes, the points on the forum features are duly noted. We know that these aren’t great, so we’re looking at other options.

awesome, great work! :slight_smile:

Catherine, these figures are beautiful! Please show us more. I would particularly appreciate seeing articulation details and unassembled parts if you are willing to share.

I’ve got to pull him apart and send him through a few more rounds of sanding. So, I’ll be able to grab a few shots of him in pieces. Also currently working on pulling his companion piece out of the computer, a cute girl named Aixa.

BTW, his name is Aiden. ^____^

There were a few print errors while I was trying to print out the elven version of the Aiden head. I’m going to go back and retweak the model, with luck that should fix the issues there. Honestly, the print fails were/are pretty gosh darn spectacular! XD

Wow! ‘Aiden’ is amazing! Coincidentally, a friend asked me the other day if it was possible to make a fully poseable doll with the Form 1. I will have to show him your work.

Please keep posting your progress. The doll really is beautiful.


Hi Catherine,

Are all the parts (excepting the elastic cord, I mean) printed on the Form 1? I would love to learn how your figure is constructed and assembled. Can you recommend any books on the topic?

Thanks in advance for any info.


Hi Catherine,

I’m with Greenlaw above, I’ve been trying to learn more about how the dolls are built. Would you consider a running a workshop or short tutorial ?



In regards to literature on how to build a ball-jointed doll, I’d suggest tracking down the ‘Yoshida Style Ball Jointed Doll Making Guide’ by Ryo Yoshida. It shows the paper clay method of making a similar style doll. Even though the book is in japanese, there are tons of photos detailing every step of the process. The fundamentals are the same whether making a doll by hand or on the computer. ^.~

All parts, with exception of the pins in the wrists and ankles, and the s-hooks to hold the elastic in place… and of course the elastic itself; the entire doll was printed on the form1. Oh, can’t forget the magnets in the head. There are 27 separate printed parts on the doll.

So Catherine are u in the toy industry?

Thanks for the info Catherine! BTW, what are the magnets in the head for?


Thanks Catherine,

I’ll do that. Just need to learn more about the 3d modeling. :wink:


Hi Catherine,

This thread has been quiet for a while and I was wondering how your project was coming along. The images above are quite lovely and the mechanical aspect of your prints is very interesting. Hope all is well as I’m still looking forward to seeing more from you. :slight_smile: