Nixies print Log

Hello guys, I’ve had my Form 2 for 2 days now and wow! I think its actually better than I had expected!

Rather than make a new post every time I print something, I will just add to this (hopefully I print often enough to not get this closed)

So my first print was Nefertiti and a small housing for my O2 USB Dac. Nefertiti is from a scan I found a while back, I just hollowed in zbrush and scaled to something reasonable in preform.

(sorry for the crappy photo quality - I only have my phone for now)

50 micron resolution, they both came out great!

Yesterday I printed a Hand sculpt and my Grand Moff Tarkin I did last month, but this time at 0.025 res (and really small to test the machine out!)

it took something like 13 hrs and 23ml.
So far I’m beyond impressed!

I hope the machine continues like this, I read quite a few posts here where people start out fine and later have problems :sweat:

Next I will try something bigger, and probably stick to 50 microns for the sake of my sanity!


The Grand Moff Tarkin sculpt looks amazing!

Did you postprocess it at all, or is it the new matte Grey resin?

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its the Grey V3. The first and only resin I got with the printer so I don’t have much to compare it to.


its pretty good, I think if it was 10-15% bigger we’d see the fabric texture on the jacket!

I think id like to use some primer, is there one that exists for airbrushes that i can lay on super thin? I used tamiya rattlecan primer before on some shapeways stuff but that was more to hide some imperfections (here there are none I can see)

you can see the sculpt here

Theres a HUGE improvement in the new grey resin. I have some characters printed in the last grey and its bit more brittle. Lighter and translucent in parts. The new grey has a slight flex and is true matte grey. Its a awesome. Prints look great!

It’s kind of a shame I started with it, things probably can’t get any better now :stuck_out_tongue:

These look great! As an aside, posts in the ‘Projects and Prints’ category won’t automatically close. Don’t let that discourage you from uploading pictures of prints often :wink:

Cool, I’m just doing this for fun so I will need to be careful to not burn through my wages on resin! :stuck_out_tongue:

Those prints are beyond impressive @Nixie If i were printing anything other than industrial prototypes i’d rush to buy some grey v3 right now. alas we have a huge stock of other colors and grey 2 which is sufficient for us now. I can’t get over the hair and eyebrow detail on your Tarkin model and how smooth the surface is. Great job @Nixie and Formlabs :slight_smile:

As a side note, this is the nature of forums, people come to report problems. It’s true for almost any product or service. The vast majority of Formlabs customers are happy and satisfied. Luckily there are a few of us who are here just for fun, to help others and to show off our designs! Welcome! :slight_smile:

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@kevinduhe Even better is the skin texture, tbh I’m really surprised that it shows up. And I cant see the layer lines!

and yes, I had a feeling that complaints and problems on the forum weren’t indicative of the general owners.
Thanks guys, I think I will try this guy next:

Maybe a larger one, separate base and character.

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It’s been a while I posted but I haven’t used my printer in a while and was just so impressed again with the quality and ease of use!

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