3D Printed Star Citizen Ships!

Heya folks! I’m new here, first post. :slight_smile:

My friend has a Form1+, so I buy him liters of the resin, do the model prep work in software, and he prints things for me.

I’m a huge fan of the upcoming PC game “Star Citizen”, and prefer printing out their ship models on Thingiverse (or yanked from game files and converted), with the stunning detail of these printers.

Thought I’d share some examples so far of what we’ve printed so far, gather some feedback from everyone, guidance on making models turn out better, chopping them up, etc.

Imgur album of the Avenger hi-resolution print The resin ran out (whoops, even though we thought we’d had enough based on PreForm’s volume estimate), so the nose cuts off. But you can see the amazing detail, even rendering the individual landing gear struts inside the wheel wells. Wow!

I compare it at the end with ABS extrusion-modeled MakerBot-style ABS-extruded Vanguard. The difference is insane.

Here’s one of our first Form1+ ship print attempts: the Super Hornet. We seem to have consistent trouble with these canopies and noses rendering properly.

Currently printing the next model: the Sabre!!

What’s everyone’s thoughts/feedback? Anything you’d suggest orientation, support, model-tweaking wise?


Looks great! How did you get the models out of the game files, can you share your method?

Are tapered supports only for the Form 1? I don’t see it in PreForm.

I would like the option of having the supports thicker at the bottom and taper like your supports…

I find occasionally that I have tapered supports, but not by anything I’ve done on purpose…I would prefer them if it were an option in PreForm.

Oh, and wonderful print, @Eldrake!