1/144 scale Starfighters

Here is a small armada of ships that came out of my Form2 using V4 black at .05 microns.! In addition to printing the starfighters, I also had to print the armaments separately for customization.IMG_2773|640x480IMG_2777IMG_2787IMG_2789IMG_2800


Some additional shots…IMG_2792IMG_2805IMG_2803IMG_2773


Very well done!

superb design and very lovely painting. The yellow/purple scheme is very chris foss.

How much cleaning up is required for a Form2 Print. I know have to wash then UV cure but do you have to sand the surface.

Thank you.

Absolutely stunning!!! For a size reference what is the diameter of the rod used to hold them?


That is a 1/8 inch rod on a 1.5inch base.

There is a bit of cleaning involved. How much just depends on how many supports you choose and how thick the attachment points are. You also have to carefully inspect where the supports are placed so they do not clog fine details. The Preform software allows you to customize your supports as needed. Once I have carefully cut off the supports with the snipper or an Exacto knife, I use microfiles and a Dremel with various fine grinding/sanding attachments to remove the tiny nubs and other minor imperfections if necessary.