Various Star Fighters in 12mm Scale (1/144)

My printer has been quite busy lately. I found quite a few fun ships to print on Thingiverse from several different sources. I did not print the X-Wing, TIE Interceptor, or the pilot figure. Those are commercial 1/144 scale model kits that I used as references for my print scale. All are printed with V3 standard black at 50mic. and painted by me.IMG_2402IMG_2434IMG_2423IMG_2386IMG_2397IMG_2411IMG_2435


Here are a few more shots…IMG_2404IMG_2399IMG_2390IMG_2429IMG_2424IMG_2412IMG_2414IMG_2438IMG_2442


These look amazing! :heart_eyes: Wonderful detail on the paint job!

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The finish on these is incredible. What sorts of paints and techniques did you use?

I employee many different techniques using a variety of acrylic paints and inks. My favored paints are Vallejo acrylics. My inks range from Bombay India inks, FW inks, and Vallejo inks. I use so many techniques it is hard to pinpoint a specific answer to that question, but I can tell you that I do NOT use an airbrush. I most often get asked about how I do my cockpits and my engines. The cockpits start out black with white highlights dry-brushed on. Then I just use a colored ink to color the cockpit glass, then paint on the white reflective highlights, and after the whole mini is sealed with a matte coat, I go back and apply a gloss coat on the cockpit. The engines start out white and then I paint a florescent color over the white. The base coat of white helps to make the florescent color appear brighter. Then while the base color- let’s say flor. orange- is still wet, I dab in flor. yellow to give it a blended burning effect. Once that dries, I then dab a bit more flor. yellow in the middle. The blue glowing engine ends up with white in the middle. The chipped paint is done by applying silver paint with a sponge. The rust effect is a rust weathering wash. The heat, blast, and exhaust scorches are done with a black marker and then smudged with a stiff bristle paint brush. Hope that answers some of your questions.


Utterly tops and very inspiring work, bringing back memories of using the same methods, when painting figures and models in my childhood and youth. My older brother getting me involved in his role playing games, cannot wait to start designing, printing and doing a bit of it again myself…

Well, if you liked these, I offer you a link to my studio page. There is more than just the miniatures that I have printed with my Form2…

Well done.

Wow. Very impressive.

Very, very impressive! What a fleet!