"Sketchbook" Y-Wing

I’m a model builder, and the Form 2 has just blown open what I can do in-house, now. This is/was my first project, which not only got me acquainted with the SLA tech, but also was a test to see what i can do in Rhino (I’m very new to 3d, after decades of more traditional model making). So far it’s been amazingly capable! It’s the Y-Wing fighter as sketched by Joe Johnston, so it differs in many ways from what ILM built in '75/6. The pilot is in the style of the storyboard art, as well. I designed and printed it in 1/24th scale, to emulate the scale that was used on the Y-Wing filming miniatures. I’m currently in the weathering phase, making it look “Star Wars used and abused”.

This tech is amazing!


Is the whole model SLA? How did you make the T-struts?

L’eggs-cellent work!

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Ahh, the tees are the only plastruct used, sorry about that! I stepped down to T6 as they run inside the engine bodies on this version. Also there is a laser cut acrylic armature and a metal plate inside the hollowed out wing “sleeves”. The fake L’eggs (good man!) are really elongated and taught me to punch a hole in the tops when growing to avoid the whole cupping thing.

The rest is Grey Pro resin.

It was a nice bit of luck with the head shells and engines fitting the volume of the Form 2, as well.

I’m helping an acquaintance with designing a lights and sound kit for for a screen version studio Y-wing, so I’m inundated with Y-wing/Joe Jonhnston Lore. Yeah the T-struts would be tough on the F2, I think Grey pro would still have trouble even if there was the space to print it.