"Air-Form 1" Micro RC airplane printed on form 1

Hi everyone!
I wanted to share what I’ve been working on lately.

So I picked up some tough resin a few weeks ago and decided it would be adequately strong for making an RC airplane that could be printed out on my form 1.
It took 3 design iterations but this final version is a superb flyer. weighing roughly 60 grams, she is a micro plane but the dihedral wing make her very stable even in a couple kts of breeze.

The motor mount/gearbox, wing clamp, and both the rudder and elevator hinges and clips were all printed out with tough resin. The main body is a rectangular carbon fiber rod and the wings are 2 rectangular balsa sheets. The motor and gearing is a replacement motor/geartrain for a laTrax quadcopter. The receiver is a specktrum ar6410.

The entire plane was designed to essentially snap together from common hobby store supplies. It can be assembled with the aid of a little superglue reinforcement in under 20 min.

battery: 150mAh
thrust: 54g
weight: 60g
wingspan: 58cm
dihedral: 15deg
flight time: 11min

if anyone is interested in the .stl files I’ll upload them to thingiverse :smile:


It makes me fly ! , I love it, Fabulous Work…

Nice work! Very cool. And a great use case for Tough.

Do you have any videos of it flying?

Please let us know when you upload the files to Thingiverse. I would like to print one.
Great work!


I’ve uploaded the files to thingiverse. They can be found here:

Unfortunately the tank leveling motor in my form1 broke while i was printing a replacement control horn for the plane. Had a bad crash but hey I can just print new parts! But until formlabs ships me the replacement motor I wont be able to upload a video. Maybe a week or two.
Until then, enjoy the files! Let me know if you or anyone else prints one!

Ive just uploaded a video of it flying!

Wow, great work! Thanks for getting the video of it flying together!