Cozy 1 Bedroom w/ Workshop Near Mos Eisley

My Form2 continues to amaze me with how capable it is with little details. I printed a tabletop scene using V4 black at .05 microns for my 10-12mm scale miniature collection (roughly 1/144). I even printed individual parts like the crates and barrels to add to the scene. All of the other minis in the scene also came from my Form2. The speeder port section looked awfully hot, so I crafted a shady cover for the area using medical gauze. The rocks are chunks of kitty litter (unused, of course). ! The pavement areas are textured plastic cardstock. IMG_2764|640x480IMG_2768IMG_2765IMG_2767IMG_2766IMG_2769IMG_2770


Another quick pic…IMG_2764



That’s really cool. Thanks for sharing.

Looks great! Curious as to what paints you might be using. :slight_smile:

I use quite a variety starting with Testors matte black sparay paint Or Tamiya spray paints as my primer. I primarily use Vallejo acrylics for my general painting, but I also use cheap craft paints, Games Workshop, and Liquitex acrylics for different effects and details. I use Vallejo inks, Secret Weapon washes, and Bombay artist inks for my washes. I also use markers and pens to achieve certain shading and weathering effects. For example, the oil stains in the garage are done with a black ink pen with a brush tip that I then smudge with my finger.