Painting Form 2 Prints

After a week with my Form 2, I finally got around to printing some models that I will be painting. Today I applied primer to about 4 models some black and some clear. I was really impressed at how smooth they are with just primer, I would say they look as good primed as an injection molded model.

Another cool thing I noticed with the black resin, is that it tends to pre shade the model for you. For those that don’t use airbrush, you can apply black to the darker areas of the model before painting and it will have a tinting effect on the paint. When applying a white primer to 28mm model, I noticed it already had a preshaded look to it after drying. I hope that it caries through to the paint as well. I will post some pictures after I finish.

I agree with you whole heartily here. I was surprised how well it takes paint when I first used it. I use primarily cellulose paints and primers and even at medium print settings it conceals almost all the lines. I did a quick test a while back. Straight out the printer at 0.05 resolution, with 1 coat of paint (not even any primer) and a gloss on top to highlight any lines. This was the result.

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Wow that looks good, do the wheels actually turn on that model?

Not on this one, but the others do. Normally I printed the gun, carriage and wheel separately and then assembled - but for that test I just did it altogether.