Full size R2 D2 Greeblies

I am 3d printing a full size R2 D2.I am using a FDM printer (rasie3d) for the large parts, but I am using the Form2 for the detail parts (greeblies).Many of these parts will be sprayed silver so I need a very smooth finish.So far the printed parts look great.The largest piece I have printed so far is the Front vent.This was an 11 hour pritn at 50 microns using clear resin.It will only need some light sanding before painting


Awesome to see someone taking on another 3D printed astromech project. Shoot me a message here if you want to chat about painting our resins!

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I just read your tutorial Adrian.Superb job on your build.I have printed the body and the right leg so far.I have an aluminum dome for the head.I would love to know more about your painting protocol. I recently completed the lens project so I know I can get a very smooth finish on the Form2 printed parts.I was thinking of using Alclad metallic paints or maybe Vallejos new range of metallic paints.


I haven’t used either of those paints, but I think the most important thing for you to do is to sand the parts well (dry sand with ~200 grit to get rid of support marks, wet sand with ~320+ to your satisfaction), clean them with dish soap and warm water, and use a primer that is designed for plastics. Rustoleum matte gray primer is a cheap favorite of mine, and Krylon fusion paints also work well. Remember that especially for metallic paints, less is more; opt for many light coats vs. fewer thick coats. Post your progress pics here for us to see as well!