Large 1/6 Scale Viking figure


I’m about to release this guy, 350mm tall, 330mm across printed on my form2 at 50micron with photocentric firm grey resin. He’ll be molded and cast in solid resin for retail. Painted pics to follow.


Looks like you are getting the same quality with the photocentric3d resin? Would you agree?

To be honest, I’d say better. The firm grey resin produces prints at 50 micron as good as formlabs resin at 25 micron, so long as the models cross section is thin enough - hardly any visible layer lines across most prints.

Hi Jason,

How do you load the resin on the form2?


I just use an empty formlabs grey resin tank.

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Great print. Looks really god.

I did take a look at the Photocentric3D site and that resin has a fantastic price.
I could use my Form1+ for so much more if I could find a less expensive resin.
Do you print with settings for the standard formlabs grey or some of the other standard settings?

Just the standard grey settings, no tweaking.

Very nice, so you’re not running into issues with the chipped cartridges or you running under open mode.

I haven’t adjusted the cartridge at all - just refilled it with the 3rd party resin.

Ohh Nice… I just ordered a liter of the Materhacks resin and was thinking I was going to have to go into open mode so that will be real nice, Did you just remove the vent and fill it there or drill a hole and fill it then cap the hole… (I haven’t studied the cartridge yet as I just received the printer last week)

It’s a screw cap, so no messing about at all. The only issue that I have is that the sensor in the form2 can’t detect it properly so I have to keep an eye on the levels or it can overflow.

Great job!! What glue do you use to glue the parts together? So far the only glue I found to work to glue the Formlab regular resin is epoxy glue (mix equally 2 parts of ingredients and use when it becomes very viscous, even so hands are needed to hold the parts in place for a while). Do you have a better solution? Thank you in advance!

What brand of resin did you replaced with? And how did it work?

when you refill the cartridge doesn’t the chip tell the form 2 that the cartridge is empty? Is this why you have to keep an eye on it?

I use super glue most of the time. 2 part epoxy is fine but it either sets too quick or takes forever. Sometimes I weld sections together using the resin b and a laser pen. I occasionally get empty cartridge / no vat messages but I give the contacts a wipe and it’s ok again.

The resin sensors can’t tell how full the vat is, so on long prints I might have to use a 100ml syringe to sick some resin back up and then just squirt it back into the main tank.

Given BREXIT the pound is so low it’s even a better deal right now!!

Ahh ok… Kinda a Modified Open mode…I thought it was pretty cheesy that they disabled the wiper and heater when you went to open mode.

Are you using their Firm or Hard formula?

Don’t rub the Brexit thing in :cry:

Its not a special kind of open mode - the machine just thinks it’s formlabs grey. I’m using the firm - there is a lot of flexibility on it whilst printing, so I have noticed some minor distortion when printing long hollow objects and large solid objects with large cross section. I’ve just bought some of the hard resin and will be trying that soon.

Ok… Sorry I was just using that as a reference when you were saying you had to add resin manually.

I am basically doing the same thing you are except in 1/35th. Printing my Masters then casting the larger parts is resin and printing the smaller parts to include in the kit… Having a few issues with larger flat parts but I was trying to avoid rotating them to keep the tops very clean but keep loosing accuracy to the compression on some of the layers.