Here’s a little fun print of R2D2.  It’s hard to see in the pictures but there is a lot of detail.  His leg broke off during support removal.  I reconnected the leg with a dab of liquid resin and stuck it outside to cure.  That repair worked pretty well.  We used the .050mm, clear resin setting. We used the default support settings.   He took 4.5 hours to print- he’s about 3" tall.

We just printed 2 parts to compare to the CNC machined version.  I will post those results soon.

That is great.  What is the black smudge?

I don’t know what caused the black appearance in that spot.  I’m guessing it could possibly be an air bubble, an impurity, or an artifact from the layering process???  It’s looks like an optical effect from something- it’s internal to the part.  I haven’t noticed it on any of the other objects I’ve printed- though this one has the most solid mass so far.

Yay for printed robots :slight_smile:

Here’s a 1/8 scale R2 dome (my own model) and a Wall-E (found it on thingiverse)

very nice!  how did the bottom of the dome turn out, and what angle, if any, did you use for printing the dome?

This was hollow, only about 1/16" thick so there were a bunch of supports inside.  I angled it slightly so that there were no supports on the radar eye, and only one support on the front and rear holoprojectors.