Scale models and Form3

Hello everybody.

A few years ago I started a little F-16 Toon in Cinema 4D. My goal was to print it on a 3D printer. Finally, after a lot of effort, I gave up because I found that modeling from polygons did not lend itself easily to making structural lines and rivets.

And then I discovered Rhino 3D! For me it was a revelation. After modeling some simple things, I decided to get back to my F-16 and today I’m showing you the progression from modeling to printing the first parts on a Form3 printer (Formlabs).

I must say that this printer is extraordinary. The only downside is the high cost of operation …

Hope you like it :slight_smile:


Now the pictures of the printed parts


Very, very cool :grinning::+1:

Thanks Dudemeister :+1:

GREAT work!!
Which resin do you use??

Thank you!!! for your answer

Thanks radltreiba for your kind words… I used Standard Grey v4. Printed at 50 microns.


Great Prints, at what micron did you print these ?

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Hello Creative3dminds. Thanks for your great comment. Printing at 50 microns.

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ok, wow super clean @ 50 micron :+1:

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