Give me 25 microns or give me death!

I’ve been clamoring since forever for a high-resolution printer for my fine-detail prop/costume parts. So do you think I’m really going to listen to “100 microns saves time and looks nearly as good”? Heck no! The only good micron is a dead micron, and I have the photos to prove it. Extra credit if you know what the parts are for.

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Have to agree !
Working on 6 rings for the next Transformers movie and the Form 2 cast-able resin at .25 is a life saver.

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Here, here! I think that it’s the larger microns that are actually causing global warming and an overabundance of reality TV.

PS Is it a doohickey from a Ghost Busters gagetron?

LOL, excellent guess, but in fact they are from the OTHER costume I’m most known for!

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100 microns safe time and money, If you magnify under microscope, of course it look bad. Formlabs 100 microns give me so much joy! Much better than my FDM printer, i cannot go back after using Formlabs. My next 3d printer will be Form 3 or Form 4.

Well, since many of us use the Form2 to make tiny parts with detail, then yes… you may well indeed look with a microscope, or at least a good magnifying glass. That’s the whole point! BUT just to prove I’m no snob, my very first post on this forum was to show how much better the F2 was than my FDM printer… at 100 microns!

So relax, we all agree that F2’s detail is awesome at any resolution.